Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Truth in Advertising

If you say "Usually ships in 48 hours", it means that I should expect to see it ship in two business days. It also means that if I leave five business days, I should have the item in my little hands by the time I need it.

I'll understand if you are going to miss that deadline. Let me know, and give me the option of canceling my order. Leaving me guessing about the status of my order is frustrating and ultimately (as we'll see in a second) bad for business.

I won't be shopping at Gameplanet Store NZ again. I have placed two orders with them, the first one took an extraordinary amount of time to arrive, missing the party that I wanted it for.

I ordered a second game (mostly due to a $10 discount from the first order), and again it didn't ship inside of the 48 hour window. So, you have to ask, "What does 'Usually' mean to them?" To me, it means at least 95% of the time. How ever, two failures in two orders means it sure isn't 95% to them.

GPStore - Avoid, they're the "flying pig" of NZ software retailers.


Damian said...

Shame you had a problem. I've been using them for around four years now, and I've received most (there's that word again) of my orders within 48 hours. The exceptions are ones they don't have in stock.

So, I happily recommend them :P

Jason Pollock said...

Yeah, I think they have the same problems that Flying Pig had, and that Ascent occasionally has: Their suppliers stretch the truth about what is and is not in stock.

That doesn't excuse gpstore for misreporting the availability. :)

Anyways, I went down to EB today and got it for 1/2 the price ($30 vs $60) that Gameplanet Store wanted anyways, so WIN! I should have done that last weekend instead of going online.

Determinist said...

Personally, instant communication is all that I like. I hate waiting even 48 hours. That's why I like Ascent for example.

And, not much pisses me off more than someone who takes their time contacting you or sending you your stuff on trademe/ebay. Why would it be anything but a professional sale?

Anyway - I feel your pain.