Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Baen Free Library iPhone eBook Repository Updated!

Since STE has released v 1.4 of the iPhone EBook reader, I have finally had to update the repository to support 1.4. The major change? It now places books in ~/Media/EBooks instead of /var/root/Media/EBooks. This is because Books.app only looks in ~/ now!

I took the opportunity and added some additional features:

  1. Cover Art! The books now display their cover art in the main title list.
  2. Chapter Sorting! The Books.app team removed a hack they had specifically put in for Baen, it was causing performance problems. I have renamed the html files to avoid the problem.

Well, I thought it was more features than that when I started.

If you already have the book installed, it should upgrade through Installer.app. I have tested a couple of books, so I'm reasonably confident it will work.

Also, since webscriptions has a habit of updating the .zip files every week or so, I now scan their site every hour to ensure that the source plist is up to date.

Again, if you run into any problems, file a bug report over at the google code project

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