Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Debugging an iPhone repository

The AppTapp Installer doesn't provide any feedback during a failed install or source update. This makes it very difficult to create packages. At first, it really feels like you are stumbling around in the dark.

Here is what I learned from my project.

Installer.app ignores bad XML documents. If you have one good version of your repository, and then make a change that results in a "bad" one, you will still see the good copy that has been cached on the phone. This confused me for a long time.

Always test the document for correctness first. Firefox is a quick, easy test tool. Point it at the URL, and if it displays the XML in tree format, you at least know that your XML is balanced, and that your web server is configured correctly.

Next, run Installer.app manually on the iPhone. This should let you know what is going wrong with the package. (original source)

  1. make sure you are not running Installer.app
  2. ssh into your iPhone (root password is "alpine")
  3. for 1.1.3 firmware and higher: su - mobile
  4. maximize your ssh window
  5. cd /Applications/Installer.app
  6. ./Installer
  7. you will see Installer.app pop up on the iPhone's screen
  8. reproduce the error
  9. observe the debugging output from Installer.app in the ssh window

Finally, never, ever change the root password on your iPhone. You may think that because you are running an SSH server that is open to the world that it would be a good idea to change it. After all, there is a "passwd" command sitting right there in the terminal window. RESIST!

There is a problem with the 1.1.3 and later firmwares, and the version of passwd shipped with the BSD subsystem results in Springboard (the desktop shell) crashing continuously. I made this mistake and had to completely wipe the phone and restore it.

For security, install the services application, and disable the SSH server between uses. This will also help with the battery life of the phone!

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