Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hey, I found an iPhone bug!

This one would be fun to track down. :) After a week of use, I noticed that the volume control (and slider) weren't as responsive as they used to be. The visual control was no longer smooth, tending to move forward and back. My guess is that the animation was semi-predictive, and then corrected for the true value reported by the hardware. Since there was an increasing lag between the control and the visual update, the phone would appear to visually jerk the volume display. A quick reset and the problem's all gone. I wonder if the 1.1.1 touch has the same problem? I wonder what interupts are firing when a keypress/volume change happens?

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Determinist said...

Cool - I know you love finding new bugs, especially in well established software (apple probably counts). Just like you were happy when someone found a new bug in Oracle.